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C O R N E R    C O U R T V I L L E   C O N S E R V A T I O N   P L A N

The three Courtville buildings make up one of Auckland's most important residential groups. Courtville is an unique example of Edwardian urban domestic architecture. Its social history reflects the changing pattern of life in inner-city Auckland.

The Courtville buildings are situated in the centre of a unique part of Auckland city; an island of historic buildings and beautiful parkland overlooking the city and harbour. This area - which includes Princes Street, Waterloo Quadrant and Parliament Street through to Symonds Street - is dense with buildings of architectural historical significance. The Courtville apartment buildings make a unique architectural and social contribution to the fabric of this historic area; one greatly appreciated by many Aucklanders.

The Courtville buildings stand adjacent to the earliest developed parts of Auckland city, between the Albert Barracks and the harbour, and near the site of the first Parliament. Parliament Street itself has a very distinctive architectural character, as it is bounded on one side by a mixture of high density residential accomodation of high architectural quality, and on the other side by a building complex of historic significance (the Supreme Court), linked by a road lined with large plane trees. The entire Courtville group of buildings is of vital importance to maintaining the character of this most urbane of Auckland streets.

The special nature of this entire precinct must be considered as a whole, and the conservation of the Courtville buildings considered in the light of their distinctive contribution to the architectural, historical and social qualities of the whole area. Such historic pockets of Auckland city need active protection in the face of modern development if we are not to lose all variety and character in the inner city.

P A R T   1

P A R T   2

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M I D D L E    C O U R T V I L L E   C O N S E R V A T I O N   P L A N

This building was designed by the architect A. Sinclair O' Connor in 1914. It was the first block of self contained apartments in Auckland. Originally the twelve luxury apartments were fully furnished and serviced. The builder was Messrs. Fletcher Bros. Ltd. The original clients were Ernest H. Potter and William W. Stanton (Courtville Securities Ltd.). The buildings were finished by 1915. In 1989 the building was bought by Courtville Apartments Ltd (a tenant group) from the previous owner, the Department of Justice.

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