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S A I N T    A N D R E W ' S    S U N D A Y    S C H O O L

The former St Andrews Sunday School hall occupies a prominent position above the New Lynn town centre on the Margan Avenue ridge line. A large double skin, brick building with a steeply pitched tiled roof, the hall is a local landmark and has been used by the New Lynn community since its construction in 1929 up until recently.

The hall site was once part of the former brickworks founded by Albert Crum. The land was donated to the St Andrews Presbyterian church for the purpose of building a Sunday school hall. The site was formerly used as a clay pit by the brickworks.

The hallwas constructed by and for the St Andrews Church of New Lynn as a church hall and Sunday School in 1929. The hall was designed by notable Auckland architect H. Clinton Savage and is an excellent example of his work. The earlier St Andrews Church on Margan Avenue, constructed in 1919, was also designed by Savage.

The building represents the typical approach to architecture of most architects of the period when designing ecclesiastical buildings. The form and detail of the building are based on a diluted version of a historic architectural style, in this case the English Gothic revival.

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