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R E M U E R A    R A I L W A Y   S T A T I O N

This report was commissioned by Remuera Heritage and the Remuera Railway Station Preservation Trust (the Trust) as an update of the 1992 conservation plan prepared by Dave Pearson, then of Works Consultancy.

The Remuera Railway Station complex is recognised as one of the most significant remaining groups of suburban railway buildings. The buildings are not currently in use. The Trust is seeking ways to use the buildings while maintaining their historic integrity.


Constructed in 1907, the Remuera Railway Station, comprising signal box, platform and station building, is a nationally rare example of an ‘island’ layout in situ. Sited between the Great South Road and the Southern Motorway, Remuera is one of few stations in New Zealand that retains its associated signal box; one of only two signal boxes nationally said to be unmodified and in their original location. The station, with its structures reflecting the influence of New Zealand Railways architect George Alexander Troup (1863-1941), is a well preserved example of the ’Troup period’ of railway building. The Remuera Railway Station represents a significant aspect of New Zealand’s transport heritage and reflects the contribution of railways during the rapid growth of the country’s urban centres.

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