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M c C A H O N    H O U S E    C O N S E R V A T I O N    P L A N

The house at 67 Otitori Bay Road was built as a weekend cottage following the purchase of the land by Herbert Harpour in 1939. In 1953 Colin McCahon bought the property and the painter and his family lived here until 1960. During this time McCahon carried out numerous projects on the property. The changes he made to the house were largely left in place by Ms Jacqueline Amoamo, who lived there from 1960 until 1999.

This report was commissioned by Waitakere City Council, and the McCahon House Trust. The conservation plan is intended as the first stage in a process to establish the significance of a place. It gives guidance as to how the place can be retained and maintained. It is a document that tells the story of the place and recommends policies which will ensure appropriate care and use.

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