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H A U R A K I   C O R N E R   S T O R E

This Conservation Plan has been commissioned by the owners of the building, the Chelsea Trust with the support of the North Shore Heritage Trust. 


The former Dudding’s Store at Hauraki Corner is owned by the Chelsea Trust. The Hauraki Corner Building is a prominent building on the corner of Lake Road and Jutland Rd in Takapuna. It was built at the beginning of 1915 as a general store for G.E. Dudding and was designed by the prolific Auckland architect Daniel Boys Patterson. The original building is occupied by one tenant as a restaurant/bar. The other tenancies within the overall building are within areas that have been added in the last few decades to the original building. The building is not registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. The original building on the corner has been extended both along Lake Road to the north, up Jutland Rd and right across the rear of the building to the south. It has also been substantially internally altered. The external form of the original building is still clearly discernable on its corner frontage. The building is a local landmark and its “swallowed cupola” domed corner room (which could also be described as a belvedere or roof top gazebo1 ) is a defining feature of the journey along Lake Road, particularly coming from the south as in this direction the building is framed by the roadway. Dudding’s Store was the first commercial building in this area. The existing shopping centre at Hauraki Corner has grown around it.

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